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width="298" This "About Us" page is designed to give you a "peek behind the curtains" about the Alpha71™ Group.

The info to follow, provides an outline about who we are. and the importance of our part in product and service development.

Our Mission

It's been so long yet seems like yesterday when we set out to build a company that focused solely on delivering contributions for the betterment of others.  Our goal began first with above bar product development.

Fast forward to today...We couldn't rely on the business modeling legacy of past successes as the basis for the Alpha71™ Group. Instead, we challenged the conventional formulas so common in the realms of product development. This included brand recognition, marketing, cross-pollination and creative thinking, including every little niche associated with them all.

We created a new approach and process to identifying what is lacking, starting out on a new path for setting new standards for others to follow. We strive to remember that the ever evolving future is NOW!  With the assistance and inspiration from other industry professionals, We are proud to introduce you to a company designed to take envisioned concepts and make them a functional and profitable reality.

With every advancement we all achieve, it is a contribution to the betterment of others, the very foundation of what the Alpha71™ Group is all about.

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